Thursday, 14 May 2015

The little things in life

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that everything hangs on.  They can either let you down or you can have confidence in them knowing that their support can always be relied on.  It’s like that with shelving.  Poor quality peg boards or shelves with poor quality pegs or staples will let you down and you will find yourself always cleaning up a mess that was not necessarily of your making.  Customers reach out to take something and the whole thing drops out of their hands.  Red faces all round!

We supply peg boarding and slat boards in a variety of sizes with the appropriate pegs and hooks which will not let you down.  With a single prong or euro hook they can cope with the different weights and widths that you might want to hang on them.  

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to work out your needs or to assemble when they arrive as at shelving4shops we can give you all the advice that you need in order to fit the space available.  Our experienced team of shop fitters can even fit them for you if you would like us to help in that way, offering a competitive installation price.  

Call shelving4shops on 01455 221512 for a quote or to discuss your needs.  We have 15 years of experience and won’t let you down!

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