Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Make A Difference With Your Display

Keeping an eye on your store doesn’t have to mean you invest in dozens of costly security cameras to install everywhere - with some clever planning you can design your store to be easy to manage in terms of making sure thieves stay away.
When you plan the layout of your store, think about the aisles. Creating diagonals with the till area at the top means that whoever is serving at the till can see down each and every aisle, offering a clear view of any potential pick pockets. Make sure you also have a clean view of the exit from your till area, so you can spot anyone with a suspiciously stuffed coat or pockets before they make off with your profits.
Another thing to consider at the start of your store planning is the height of shelving. Keeping your shelves below a certain height means you can see over them, again another deterrent to those will less than savoury intentions. Keep the height of your shelves at least shoulder height - people are much less likely to steal if you can make eye contact with them.
Shelving4Shops offers a great range of shelving in a variety of heights to help you kit out your shop at cost effective prices. Drop into our showroom to see what we have to offer!

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