Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Security In Store

When it comes to protecting your store, there’s little more important than keeping an eye on your products and making sure theft isn’t an issue. When you’re running a store, it’s impossible to watch every corner and every aisle, so it’s definitely worth investing in some anti-theft devices to deter any thieves from potentially costing you a lot of money.

Stolen goods can put a huge strain on the budget of smaller companies or new businesses, so spending a little money to deter thieves in the first place is a wise move.

While gadgets such as CCTV or surveillance cameras are a great way to capture and record any untoward activity in your store, the systems can be expensive and costly to have installed. A cheaper option which is ideal for small or new stores is to have security mirrors positioned so you can see every part of your store from a single point - the till area, for example.

Shelving4Shop’s convex security mirror comes with a flexible mounting arm to allow you to adjust the angle and cover those awkward blind spots. The mirror has a diameter of 400mm and is fitted with circular safety glass. Priced at just £24.99, it’s the perfect way to deter thieves and make sure you can keep a watchful eye on the rest of your store without having to leave the till area.

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