Friday, 9 June 2017

Gotta love the Summer Sales!

Everyone loves summer - the long warm days, the outdoor meals and the light evenings. One of the most exciting things about summer for stores is the potential for creating stunning summery displays and increasing sales. During shopping trips in the summer, the heat is often tiring, so cool, air conditioned stores are refreshing sanctuaries for customers.

The potential for window displays is limited only by your imagination - and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! You can use craft materials and textiles to create summery scenes and entice customers in. It’s the perfect excuse to bring in crazy bright colours, including both neons and pastels.

Beach or swimming pool scenes are always a winner when attracting the attention of passers by. Why not visit a charity shop to see what little bits and pieces you can pick up on the cheap to dress your window or store with? Even if you don’t need the clothes, you may find cheap items worth buying for the fabric to use as a backdrop or to wrap around furniture to carry a theme throughout the decor. Create a beach theme with sand, blue material for the water and why not create some clouds with cotton wool? None of this costs too much money and can be the difference between a customer walking by your store or stopping to enter because the display caught their eye. Make sure you click rss to keep updated for everything shelving4shops!

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