Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The beauty of moveable equipment.

To keep the appearance of your store changeable and flexible, it’s worth investing in some portable shop display equipment to make sure changing the look of your shop doesn’t require a full rebuild! Shelving4Shops can supply a top quality range of highly versatile dump bins, wire stacking shelves and wire shelving. These pieces of lightweight shop equipment offer exciting options for promotional displays and quick shop face uplifts. They’re also great for making use of small, awkward spaces, such as corners and the centres of wide aisles. You’ll never have wasted space again!

All these lightweight display equipment options mean the look of your store is easy to update and change whenever you need to. It’s important to do this regularly so your customers see something new every time they visit. This in turn sparks curiosity to explore your store for new products - and in turn will most probably end up in the customer making an impulse buy of some sort.

Dump bins are great for displaying lots of single products - especially great for selling end of line items, or ones that are difficult to stack, e.g. single crisp packets or footballs. Ideal for placing at the end of aisles or by the till area, these can be stacked and offer easy access to tempt customers to impulse buy.

Wire dump bins have adjustable bases that allow you to raise or lower the height of your products. These are also great for tempting customers as they wait to pay, as you can use these to form the queueing area, filling them with tempting treats and sale items that your customers won’t be able to resist.

Have an awkwardly sized wall space? Why not use our wire shelves to make that wall work for your products! These are freestanding and lightweight, allowing you to move them around and change the look of your shop with ease.

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