Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Range of Shop Shelving for a New London Store

When Mr Patel first contacted us at Shelving4Shops he was amazed at our retail shelving prices - the quotes he had previously received at other stores were almost double!

Without hesitation he ordered several runs of high gondola shelving with a mixture of peg board and plain back panels with shelving to add an interesting feel to his shop.

Mr Patel also took advantage our high end bays allowing him to add stock at the end of his runs. When we had finished, the shop was looking smart, clean and fresh - ready for all the new stock he had coming in that day.

The Shelving4Shops team left a very satisfied customer, excited about his new venture and we all wish him the very best of luck!

If you would like any help on furnishing your store with new shop shelving including high or low gondola shelving, wall shelving, magazine units or shelving accessories, or if you are struggling with how to plan the layout your of store, please contact our team on 01455 221512.

If you already know exactly what you would like please get in touch or visit our website at and have a look at our extensive range of shelving.

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