Saturday, 9 March 2013

Stacking Shopping Baskets Now in Stock!

New stock of shop shelving accessories just in! Shelving4Shops now offers a new range of black shopping baskets alongside our other stock of red, green and blue. These lightweight shopping baskets have flat handles for easy and comfortable carrying, folding flat when not in use. Shopping baskets are very useful to have in any small to medium size store to maximise the products customers can carry and purchase. After all, people are far more likely to buy more if they have an easy way to carry their shopping! 

Red Shopping Basket 
Our shopping baskets are hard-wearing  easy to carry, durable and light. They are also easy to stack so you only need a small amount of floor space for the shopping basket stacker, enabling customers to collect one as they enter your store. The shopping basket stacker gives a clean and professional look to a stack of baskets by raising them off the floor and up to an easy height for customer collection. 
Shopping Basket Stacker 

New Range - Black Shopping Baskets 

Shelving4Shops can supply your retail store with shopping baskets and shopping basket stackers as well as  all kinds of other shop shelving accessories, from wire dump bins to stacking baskets and vegetable racks, all of which add interest and variety to any store.

Why not visit our website at and see what else we can offer you? Alternatively call us on 01455 221512 or visit our showroom in Leicestershire.

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