Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's the Story? Shelving4shops in Balamory!

Do your kids watch Balamory? You might recognise this corner shop from one of our recent jobs then... The old converted church which was used as a convenience store in Tobermory sadly had to close its doors last year. With no help locally, the Shelving4Shops team was called in to take away the used shop shelving and multideck chillers.  Being based in Leicestershire and having good travel connections all around the UK this was no problem. The winding roads of the small village did however pose a particular issue for an articulated lorry with a forklift strapped to its back! Permits needed to be granted to allow the large vehicle through the streets of Tobermory but our team was able to sort all of this for the shop owner so he had no need to worry.

A forklift truck was brought in for the heavy lifting and as you can see it was a bit of a tight squeeze through the old church door but nothing the Shelving4shops team couldn't handle...

As the shop had been used as a convenience store there were a lot of chillers and fridges to be removed as well as used gondola and wall shelving. The lorry was ready and waiting and the dismantling of the store took just a day to complete.

While it is sad that the shop had to close its doors, the new owners have decided to turn this beautiful old building into a restaurant and tea room, and so we wish them every success with the new business.

Second-hand shop shelving is available to purchase from Shelving4Shops. We are always on the lookout for quality used shop shelving so if you have a store closing and would like a quote on your second hand shelving, please send us some photos and details to

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