Monday, 22 April 2013

Revamp your store without spending the earth

Is your store or shop shelving in need of a bit of a revamp? It's very easy to put these things off with the logic that it's better to do it all in one big go, but sometimes it's much more effective (and cost-efficient) to update the little details of your store regularly so that it constantly looks in great condition. You'd be surprised how much difference just a small change can make! Here are just a few ideas:
  • Updating your Epos strips helps to keep your shop shelving looking neat and clean, and you can even colour-coordinate your ticket strips with the branding of your shop, or colour-code different sections to help customers find the right item. 
  • If you have a run of shop shelving with one or two units in disrepair, there's no need to replace the whole lot - Shelving4Shops can help you to find a new or used shelving unit to fill the gap and match the remaining shelving units so that you can keep your store looking tidy.
  • Is you flooring uneven, worn, or dirty? Installing new flooring or carpeting can make a huge impact to the appearance of your store. Granted it's a fairly big operation to carry out, but it is not as expensive as a complete refit and can be done in a day with the right team of workers! If you can't stretch to a whole new floor, take some time to give your existing flooring a proper deep clean.
  • Worn out or flickering fighting can have a really poor effect on the appearance of your store. It's really worth investing in reliable lighting to show off your products properly and make your shop bright and inviting.
  • When was the last time you reorganised your shop shelving? Why not try a different shelving combination, add peg board shelving or a magazine shop racking? You might find a more efficient method of displaying products and give the appearance of a real update for your store.
  • Dump bins and stacking wire baskets can be placed almost anywhere in a store, providing additional temporary shelving and display space for promotional or seasonal items, or any products that are end-of-line stock that you're hoping to shift quickly! Place them at the end of aisles, in empty corners, or near the checkout counter to encourage spontaneous purchases. 
  • Shiny, bright, multi-coloured shopping baskets placed by the entrance of your store help to encourage customers to use them, meaning they're more likely to pick up a few more items than they would otherwise. If your shopping baskets are old and outdated, why not revamp with a set of new ones?

Sometimes the little details can make a bit difference to the appearance of your shop shelving and the overall atmosphere of your store. Take the time to update one part of your store each week, and see how much better it looks by the end of the month.

If you need any help with updating or refitting your store, or are in need of replacement shop shelving units, get in touch with us at

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