Monday, 29 April 2013

Accessorise your shop shelving

Shelving4shops has an extensive range of shelving accessories - all of which can be seen at our Leicestershire shop shelving showroom. There are so many ways to accessorise your store, from acrylic risers to shopping baskets, helping to complete the look of your shop and organise your stock.

Acrylic Risers:

These are used to stop your items falling of your shelves and are generally used for confectionery. Adding a riser to a shelves enables you to tilt the shelf so that customers can easily see what is available. These give a clean finish and are excellent for a store with a modern look.

Chrome Shelf Risers and Dividers:

Chrome shelf risers can also be used when tilting your shelves. They are regularly used to stop cans or bottles accidentally being knocked off shelves. This means you can put your baked beans right to the edge of the shelf! Chrome shelf risers are very hard wearing, so are much better for heavier stock. To accompany your chrome shelf risers, you could also consider chrome shelf dividers which will allow you to divide your shelves for smaller packets and boxes to stop products from getting mixed up.

Wire Stacking Baskets:

Wire stacking baskets are a great use of space and can be placed anywhere in your store. You can either use them as stand-alone units, place them onto your shelves to create a bigger storage space for awkward-shaped produce which does not easily fit onto a standard shelf. Wire stacking baskets are a versatile and useful addition to any store and are often used for fresh produce like fruit and vegetables. You can even attach castors to the bottom of your stacking baskets so that they can be wheeled in and out of your store.

Dump Bins:

Not the prettiest of names but a dump bin is an excellent use of store space. Special offers, discontinued stock, crisps and a whole manner of other things can be put into prime positions in your store using dump bins. You could place a dump bin next to the counter or have a run of special offers leading up the first aisle.  Such a versatile and cheap product should be taken advantage of to maximum effect in your store.

Tiered Trays:

Space is always at premium in the retail industry, so if you have a small gap that needs filling, a tiered set of trays is a great way to fill the space. Available with 3 or 5 tiers, these wire trays are a great alternative if you do not have the volume of stock to fill a whole dump bin or stacking basket. They are light and therefore easy to move around store if you wanted to change the placement of your products.

Shopping Baskets/Trolleys:

To enable customers to browse comfortably, make sure there are shopping baskets available at the entrance of your store. Having a basket or trolley means that customers are far more likely to pick up spontaneous purchases. Depending on the size of your store, you can have wheeled or hand-carried baskets, or even trolleys. Baskets and trolleys are designed to get your customers shopping, so ensure they're maintained well and keep an eye out for any damage that might discourage use.

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