Thursday, 30 January 2014

Save Money With Second Hand Shop Shelving

Save money and make money by choosing second hand shop shelving for your store. There are two ways to help out your budget when it comes to used shop fittings: 1) Replace or refit with second hand shop shelving, and/or 2) sell on your old shop shelving to Shelving4Shops and make some extra cash!

Used Shop Shelving

If your store is in need of a refit or you have old units that need replacing, second hand shelving can be a cost-effective option for any size store. At Shelving4Shops we source used supermarket and convenience store shelving from all across the UK and offer a variety of second hand retail shop fittings for sale at our showroom in Leicestershire, including:

  • Wall shelving
  • Gondola shelving
  • Corner shelving
  • Pegboard shelving
  • End bays
  • Shelving accessories
  • Dump bins and wire shelving
Choose used shelving that fits perfectly with your existing units and save yourself some money on updating your store. And if you have shelving that you need to get rid of, get in touch with our retail shelving team at Shelving4Shops and we'll come to disassemble and remove your shelving units for you!

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