Monday, 13 January 2014

Why Buy Used Retail Shelving?

Used retail shelving can save you money and often provides all the benefits of new shelving with very few drawbacks. You can find a wide range of used and new shop shelving at Shelving4Shops, or request a specific type of shelving units and we'll do our best to source it for you!

used retail shelving

Used shop shelving and racking can be almost brand new, or years old - it is generally taken from stores that are undergoing a refit or closing down, so in most cases is in perfectly good condition and will remain usable and durable for many more years. Sometimes used shelving will have a little surface wear - knocks and scratches and marks etc - but these are almost always superficial and will not affect the use of the units. It's very easy to make used shelving look smart and new; a thorough clean, adding lining paper or bright Epos strips and your second hand unit will look fantastic. For used shelving that looks a bit more beaten up, why not use it in your warehouse or store room?

You may find, of course, that there is little difference between the price of brand new retail shelving and second hand shop shelving, so you may better off choosing new. One of the only drawbacks of used shelving is that you may not be able to find an exact match for existing units, or a particular brand. However, at Shelving4Shops we always do our best to source the best match possible for a cohesive and seamless look for your retail shelving.

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