Friday, 31 January 2014

Magazine Shelving and Racking

 magazine shop shelving
Magazine shelving units are a versatile way to display paper goods, including cards, magazines, newspapers, stationery and even wrapping paper. Whether you're stocking extra cards in the run up to Christmas or expanding your stock to include other paper goods, magazine shelves are adaptable and durable, perfect for many different requirements.
These shelving racks can easily be connected to other shop shelving units like wall shelving to create bespoke runs. As you can see in the picture, the height of each shelf can be adjusted according to the type of products you have on display, and the large base shelf is ideal for stacking newspapers or housing boxed items. 
Our magazine shelving units are available with a standard 470mm base shelf but this can be swapped for any size you need. Each unit has eight angled magazine shelf tiers and as with all our shelving units, additional shelves can be purchased and added if needed. Choose from three different heights to match your existing shelving: 1.8m, 2.1m or 2.4m. 
If you're not sure how magazine shelving will work with your current shelving configuration, bring along a basic floor plan of your store to our shelving showroom and we'll help you to work out the best arrangement for your requirements! While you're there,  browse our huge range of shop shelving, shop racking, and shelving accessories to fit out your store with everything you need. Visit our website at for more information.  

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