Friday, 21 March 2014

Edgy Shelves

Accessorise your shelves! We’re not talking about adding sparkly bits and bobs to your shelving units. Instead, think about implementing shelf barkers into your store; this will prove to be far more effective for you, and for your customers. 

Just a single shelf edge strip can improve a customers shopping experience and loyalty to your store dramatically. It can save them valuable shopping time by allowing them to quickly identify the product and the price. It may not seem that much of a big deal if a customer is having trouble identifying a certain product, as surely they can easily just ask one of your friendly members of staff for assistance? True, but if your store gets busy, having a shelf edge strip will save the customer time, and allow you to spend more valuable time with other customers who require assistance. 

These days, people lead such busy and hectic lifestyles, they want their shopping experience to be over and done with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their patience will most likely be tested if they can’t find a product within a minute of entering a store. Applying shelf edge barkers in front of products around the store will help ensure that customers can identify certain products a lot easier. It can also help them compare prices between similar products. Instead of inspecting the product for a small price label, all the customer has to do is scan along the shelf edge barker, allowing them to make a quick snap judgment on whether that product is going in their basket or not. 

Shelf edge barkers also allow for offers to stand out more clearly, and effectively catch the customers eye. At the end of they day, you honestly have nothing to lose by implementing shelf edge barkers into your store - it can only make your customers’, and your life easier. 

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