Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dump Bins - They’re Not All Rubbish

Dump Bins. The name might not be so glamorous, but they’re more convenient than you think, and they can definitely benefit your business in a variety of ways. 

Not a lot of customers appreciate shopping in a seriously cramped shop with little amounts of space to browse; it completely counteracts the concept of great customer experience. However, the alternative doesn’t have to be having vast amounts of empty floor space; this can come across as a little eerie. This is where dump bins come into the equation. These are an easy and efficient way to fill up empty floor space, and they also look neat, tidy and can easily fit into a lonely corner. 

Dump bins can also help you move excess products. If you find that you have an excess amount of a product just sitting around aimlessly, dump bins are a great way of shifting that product fast and effectively, as customers subconsciously just pick up a product that they weren’t even out shopping for in the first place. 

They also help products come across as a bit of a bargain. The majority of stores use dump bins to effectively shift an offer on a product they have an excess amount of because it makes them seem more of a bargain.. 

Of course it’s important to remember that not all products work that well in dump bins. It wouldn’t be a great idea to dump a pile of magazines into a dump bin, they would probably be ruined within days, and therefore the value of the magazines would be severely decreased. The same would apply to delicate items that are prone to smashing or breaking, this would then clearly become a health and safety issue. Ensure that you use your dump bin effectively!   

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