Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Keep Clean!

You may have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that your store is displaying merchandise perfectly, but the effort shouldn’t stop there. Keeping your shelves and units dust and dirt free also plays a major key role in maintaing a favourable customer reputation. 

It’s extremely easy to forget to keep your shelves clean and tidy. But neglecting them can have an detrimental effect on your store’s valued reputation, as well as your customer credibility. Keeping shelves dust free ensures shelves look presentable and customer friendly. Sleek looking shelves allows customers to easily approach them and shop for a product, without being totally disgusted by the uncleanliness of the shelf that the product sits on. Having a filthy shelf also gives off the impression of unprofessionalism of the store as well as the company, and that can quickly establish a negative reputation amongst the store’s potential and existing customers. It also implies the product is unpopular as the assumption is that a product which is selling well wouldn’t have time to let dust build up on the shelf.

Remember that Health and Safety can either make or break a store. If a customer was to report poor standards to Health and Safety, then the chances are it will become publicly noted, and destroy what took years to build up a valued customer reputation. 

If you can put the time and effort into a store layout, you can surely find the time to do a quick dust down on the shelves and units. It almost counteracts the beautiful display you’ve put together if they end up filthy within a few weeks time. A few minutes every couple of days can ensure your shop stays reputable, as well as ensuring continuous customer loyalty, which is always a bonus. 

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