Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peg Boards

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t get a certain product to sit well on a shelf. This isn’t the shelf’s fault, it’s most likely the design and shape of the product. Not every product is designed with a shelf in mind. Some products just hang a lot happier on a peg board.

Peg board’s are a great way of varying your shop display. They give you a chance to experiment with different heights and levels, effectively showcasing products in a different manner. Products that are designed to hang can be displayed more effectively with the use of peg boards, and demonstrate the product to its original capabilities. 

If you find that the peg board display needs ’shaking up’ a little, then it’s as simple as anything to move some of the pegs around to better display certain products. If you find that there’s an empty space where a product has sold well, then it’s quick and simple to move another peg and product to that empty space on the board. It may also be a lot safer to showcase certain products on a peg board than it would be if they were placed on a shelf, mugs for instance. Shelves tend to have an extremely smooth and slippery surface, and mugs are practically designed to be hung on a peg board. 

Peg boards can provide you with plenty of versatility for your merchandise and shop floor layout and configuration. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not about seeing how many pegs and stock you can fit on one unit. Peg boards encourage you to diversify your displays, and allow you to create an easy and efficient customer shopping experience. 

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