Sunday, 18 October 2015

Simplicity inspires creativity

In the business of life, we are sometimes so taken up with cramming everything into the day that in the end we achieve very little; before we have barely taken time to complete one task, we are moving onto the next.

Often the ethos seems to be that more is better - but is it really true? When the pace of life is slower and we pause long enough to think, we actually get time to enjoy and value what is happening. It’s the same when it comes to shops - when the shelves aren’t full to bursting, you can see the products more clearly and actually appreciate them much more.  When there is less clutter, there is more room for imagination and inspiration.

Although you can stack our shelving high with no problems, a better option may be to take time to space things out a little more. All our shelving is adjustable, so you can put goods as close together as you like, or make them more widely spaced if you want to give a less cluttered appearance. Your customers may welcome stock that isn't crammed onto the shelves, as it gives them the opportunity to be more creative in their own thinking and planning.  

The components of our shelving are interchangeable, and therefore it is easy to configure them to suit your needs. They are also free-standing, to enable you to put them where you like without the bother of detaching and reattaching them to walls. You don’t need to worry if you choose to stock heavy items on them either, as the units are made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and are therefore both tough and well-built.

Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 if you would like to discuss your needs for shelving in more detail, or browse our website to see how we can meet your needs for reliable and versatile shelving in your store.  

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