Thursday, 29 October 2015

The psychological approach

Although psychology is a big part of the art of selling, it has to be acknowledged that no matter how many good ideas you might have, in the end you have to have the right equipment with which to display and help sell your products.  

One idea, which is well liked by both the customer and the retailer, is to provide seating in your store. Weary customers can take advantage of the generosity of the store, and once seated they are usually facing posters, adverts, and shelves displaying carefully selected merchandise which they had not previously thought of purchasing. Seating a customer also increases the time they spend in a store which, of course, also increases sales. A well-rested customer is often better than a tired one!

If you want to take advantage of this kind of provision for customers, you will need a good display of clean-looking, reliable shelving such as Shelving4Shops can supply.  

You might choose to put magazines in a prominent place, for example, as the glossy pictures attract the eye and there seems to be a magazine for every interest under the sun! Men, women, and children are all drawn to browse amongst the wide ranging subjects.  

 Magazine Shelving

Shelving4Shops magazine units are well suited to meet your requirements, whatever magazines you choose to display, as the units are adjustable to serve your purposes. They can be connected to other shelving units or stand alone. The base shelf can be used for stacking bulkier newspapers, and can be supplied in different sizes as needed. Shelves can be adjusted to catch the eye of the intended customer, for example using lower shelves for children, stocking certain magazines specifically catered to them where they can reach them easily.  

If you would like more information about our magazine shelving or any other shelving units or shop equipment, give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512, or call in to see it for yourself at our Leicestershire showroom at Hinckley Road,  Wolvey, LE10 3JG. 

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