Thursday, 15 October 2015


Thanks to the media, there is often an emphasis on everything being the same. We are encouraged to wear the same jeans, eat the same health food, drive the same fast car, or shop in the same shops - but sameness creates boredom! 

One thing which can make your store appealing is being different to the one next door. Customers often seek out something a little bit different, and if you can equip and decorate your store in a new way you may well entice more customers through the door, simply because of the difference.  

Therefore, it's important to give considerable thought to your floor plan when thinking about equipping your shop to draw in more trade. When the doors of your store open to a bright eye-catching display, which is interesting as well as different, inquistive customers will be drawn in.  

If you have a convenience store, you can put together a variety of wall shelving, gondola shelving, peg boarding and dump bins to create a unique and individual experience for your customer. Whilst catering for customers’ day-to-day needs, you can take advantage of the versatility that is a particular characteristic of our shelving supplies. Put together runs of gondola shelving and finish off with an end bay, on which you can have an eye-catching display. A dump bin can be placed near the checkout to give extra interest, with special offers or bargain buys. Because our shelving is adjustable, you can accommodate a changing display with ease, and therefore maintain interest for the customer who regularly returns.  Shelving can be moved up or down, whilst peg boarding can also be altered to suit the products on display.  

Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 to find out how we can help you to give your store unique appeal, by supplying you with our versatile new and used shelving.  

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