Thursday, 12 November 2015

Making the most of customer’s shopping habits

Sometimes life is a bit of a mystery, and the art of shopping is a skill learnt by experience! Likewise, the art of selling is a skill that's learnt and then adjusted according to the kind of customer that you are wanting to attract.  

Some shops are geared towards attracting men, simply because of the products that they are offering, and needless to say, they have to consider the shopping habits of men. Many men do not enjoy shopping, but when it is a necessity they usually like to dive into a shop and out again as quickly as possible.  

To make the most of a man’s shopping trip, many shops like to offer other products to engage their interest whilst they are in the shop. There are many ways of doing this, and one is to direct their steps around the shop by means of creating aisles with gondola style shelving. The major products which a man seeks are usually placed at least half way down an aisle, ensuring that the customer will be able to appreciate other merchandise which he might need, on his way to finding the thing he really came for! Surrounding the major selling products are items of interest deemed particular to the same customer, particularly focusing on men’s habits and men’s interests. The strategically-placed gondola shelving then directs the customer past other attractive merchandise before he arrives at the pay point.  
Gondola shelving can be placed down the centre of a shop, creating retail space either side of the unit, and thereby maximising on the floor space.  Units can also be joined end-to-end for the length of the shop. 

Shelving4shops offers gondola shelving in a variety of heights, from 1.4m to 2.1m, whilst the shelving itself also comes in a variety of widths which can be adjusted to meet your requirements.  

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