Sunday, 8 November 2015

The little things in life

For some, tracking down the perfect answer to a problem is time-consuming, and requires a lot of focus. Whether the problem concerns the right sort of clothing for a special event, an ingredient for a delicate dessert, or a particular tool for an artist, the quest takes one into a shop to hunt. 

It is quite a specific challenge, but one which you as a shop owner can maximise on, by giving a basket to the newly-arrived customer. It is both a welcoming gesture and one designed, of course, to encourage them to spend money in your store.  

Even the humble shopping basket has a role to play in the grand designs of planning and strategy.  By being given a basket, the customer is both encouraged and enabled to buy more than one thing. Without a basket, they are restricted to what they can carry, but with a basket the possibilities are increased and with careful planning the customer is introduced to more ways of how to solve their problem than just the one thing that they were focused on purchasing when they arrived.  

It must be acknowledged that one item looks a little lost in a large basket, and some people also feel embarrassed to take a basket to the checkout with only one item in it. So, frequently, more than one item is placed in the basket, creating an ease of sale which maybe hadn’t been considered beforehand.  
Shelving4shops supplies not only the major things such as shelving, chiller displays and refrigeration units, but also the little things like shopping baskets, cash registers, security mirrors, which help your store provide more of an enjoyable shopping experience for your customer and more of a profitable enterprise for you.  

Call Shelving4Shops on 01455 221512 to find out more of the ways we can help to supply the little things to help you, as well as the larger equipment.

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