Thursday, 26 November 2015

You can’t judge a book by its cover

The proverb says that you can't judge a book by its cover, which is taken to mean that even when the cover of a book looks a bit boring it might prove a really good read. However, often if the cover of the book looks a bit dull, you don’t hang around to find out whether or not the proverb is true - you pass it over for one with a bit more of a lively presentation.  

The same is true for a shop; if the shop window display is dull and boring,  many people will not bother entering the shop to find out whether or not it might be interesting. The shop window is the deciding factor that captivates or turns away potential customers.  

To make a point of interest, you will want to draw the potential customer’s eye to focus on something which is colourful or interesting. It might create a question or stimulate their appetite to find out more, thereby drawing them in to your shop. It’s a good idea to change your window display frequently to maintain people’s interest, and to do this you will need a variety of easily changeable and versatile shelving and accessories.

Shelving4Shops offers many different kinds of shelving, including wire baskets and wire dump bins, which are especially useful for shop windows as they are easily transportable and therefore easily removed when changing the window theme. Try stacking colourful and seasonal matching products, or try a minimalist approach with just a few well-chosen goods laid out artistically on a contrasting background. Either way, you will find that Shelving4Shops has just the right kind of equipment to display your goods. Whether you want standard shelving, wire shelving or peg boarding for your window, we can meet your needs.  

Give Shelving4shops a call on 01455 221512 to find out more about the shelving we offer, or call in at our Leicestershire showrooms to see it for yourself.  

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