Thursday, 19 November 2015

Too tidy?

It may be hard to believe, but according to research customers are hesitant to mess up to an extremely tidy and organised shop display. That means that if your shop is just a bit too tidy, people will hesitate to handle and touch your stock - an important aspect of shopping, as it helps the customer familiarise themselves with the item and make up their mind about purchasing it.  

For example, how often do you go shopping for clothes and run your hand over a garment, instantly giving a verdict based on the feel of the fabric? Women are particularly tactile shoppers, and will be deterred from bringing things into disarray by this method of sampling if the display is just too pristine. Some shops deliberately give their goods the ‘jumble sale’ look, simply to encourage a hands-on customer experience. The goods then look as if a previous customer has rooted through them, and the new customer is then not so reluctant to do so themselves.  

However, conversely, customers will also be deterred if the merchandise is in a disorganised heap, as there is no visual attraction. It is necessary to somehow bring about a happy medium; making the products available and attractive without the turn-off factor of too much mess.

To display your goods, whether the shelf is tilted or flat, you will need shelf dividers to separate different stock and shelf risers to prevent things falling off on to the floor. Shelving4shops can supply them in acrylic or chrome, depending on your needs - how you deal with getting the balance right between chaos and order is then up to you!

Give Shelving4shops a call to further discuss your requirements to display your goods effectively, or call in at our Leicestershire showroom at Hinckley Road, Wolvey, LE10 3JG, to see how you can utilise the equipment we offer to maximise your customers’ hands-on experience.  

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