Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Getting Christmas Right

Did you know that an enticing scent encourages “lingering” or “dwell time” by up to 26%? This is just one of the small, finite details that high end retailers pay particular attention to when contemplating how to get the most out of shoppers during the Christmas shopping period. Placing delicious scents, such as cinnamon and orange, that instantly evoke thoughts of Christmas encourage shoppers to slow down and spend more time browsing your products.

Music is also a big influence on a person’s mood, again influencing “dwell time” and therefore how much a person buys. Studies have shown that customers take approximately 17% longer to browse a shop aisle while music with a slower beat (approximately 60 beats per minute) was played, while sales increased by 38%. This means carefully choosing your Christmas music- with no crazy remixes of Jingle Bells or Deck The Halls!

Another concept to consider and utilise is exclusivity. People see things as innately more valuable if an item is exclusive, seeing it as a better way to express their individuality and identity. If you can offer exclusivity, your store stands to gain- and it’s a great way to draw customers in. Exclusive items make a great gift, as people feel better about giving something that isn’t a “common” item. Personal touches make a gift more unique and appealing.

Create the entertainment factor in your store during the Christmas period. As online shopping becomes more and more accessible, people are less inclined to enter a shop- unless they know that they’ll get something “extra” from going in. Offering incentives such as free mulled wine, hot chocolate or even a pop-up Christmas-themed show, willencourage customers through your doors. It will also slow down their browsing, encouraging them again to “linger” over your products, adding valuable purchasing influence.

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