Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

By the time a customer has walked through your doors, they have already received several impressions of your store - by word of mouth, your front window display and any advertising you’ve done. The last chance you have to create an impression is by the actual product presentation in the store. It’s worth thinking about the way you do this and taking time to plan what you want your store to convey to customers as they enter and look around.
Will you go for a formal or a more relaxed style? Deciding this very much depends on the products you offer and the type of customers these attract. You’ll either need a professional, tidy layout or something more fun and relaxed. The store should always be a comfortable place to shop, so don’t make your aisles too small or cram too many products in one space, as it’s one way to make your customers abandon the store quickly.
Instead make sure all your products are organised neatly, either stacked or lined up in a orderly fashion. Regularly check your shelves to ensure products don’t become disorganised or messy, as this will give off the wrong impression to your customer. Neatly stacked products will always convey much more than just your stock levels - it says you care about the items you sell and the customer service you offer everyone who walks through your doors.
Make sure you clearly label each product that’s displayed, so people don’t have to ask or search around for a price or details. Nothing is more off-putting or disillusioning to customers than an unmarked item - and most will put the item back rather than asking or bringing it to the till.
Remember, you want your customers to not only come in but to come back to your store, so create a lasting impression that they’ll take away with them, but which will encourage them to come back too.

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