Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Setting Up Shop - Where To Start?

Assessing the space where your shop will be created is an exciting moment- the area is brimming with potential and you can have a plethora of ideas… but the empty shell can also be daunting. How do you truly portray your brand, convey the feel of your company and create a store that customers will love coming into?

Here’s a few tips to consider in that crucial early stage!

Tell Your Brand’s Story. Immerse your customers in the foundations of your brand, using vibe and feel, rather than just simply the “look” of the place. Create a multi-layer environment using music, a variety of materials, lighting and even smell to envelope people in your store.

Think Warm And Welcoming. Create a place where customers want to linger - and make sure you tailor this to your target market. It’s a great idea to speak to some in that specific group and see what attributes they find attractive in a store, to better help you design a comfortable space.

Use Lists! Before you add anything or do anything, list exactly what functions you need the space to do. This can then be used as your brief to help you create your floor plan. Keep referring back to this so you don’t get carried away when setting up!

Don’t Go Overboard. Showy details are all very well but they can lead to a quickly decreasing budget! Keep your design focused on a few key pieces which will create more impact and generally looks more tasteful.

Think Outside The Box. Using everyday materials or items on a bigger scale or for something they wouldn’t normally be used for can create a unique and fascinating display. Resourceful design can makes the ordinary truly extraordinary.

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