Friday, 14 February 2014

How to Arrange Gondola Retail Shelving

Gondola shelving is a versatile type of retail racking that allows you to dictate the flow of traffic in your store while maximising display space on free-standing double sided shelving units. The way you arrange your gondola shelving can have a huge effect on the success of your store, encouraging (or discouraging!) customers to pick up extra items and helping visitors to find what they need easily. 

gondola shelving

Creating an effective flow of traffic will make your stock more visible and boost impulse buys, as well as making your shop pleasant to move around. Gondola shelving units are available in various different sizes to suit your space and can be connected together to make a 'run', capped with end bays which can be stocked with promotional items or popular goods. 

One trick when arranging your gondola shelving and retail racking is to place popular and high demand products at the back of the store to ensure that customers are exposed to a variety of other items on their way through the store. If you place these items right by the counter or at the front of the store customers will simply pop in, grab what they want and leave without browsing any further. 

gondola shop shelving

When creating aisles with gondola shelving you need to ensure that there is enough space between each shelving unit for easy movement and browsing - this width also needs to be wide enough to accommodate a pushchair or wheelchair. The way you lay out your aisles will help to drive traffic around the store - for example a 'racetrack' layout consists of a series of parallel gondola runs, leading customers around your shop aisle by aisle, while the 'power aisle' layout is more suitable for larger stores and supermarkets and comprises a central aisle with various 'departments' branching off, made up from perpendicular gondola shelving runs. 

Gondola display units can be customised with extra shelves, pegboard backing, slatwall shelving, shelf risers and dividers, magazine shelving and adjustable shelves that can be mvoed to different heights or tilted for easy access. For help choosing the right gondola shelving for your store and advice on shop layouts, visit or come to our Leicestershire shelving showroom to speak to us in person. 

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