Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to Make a Retail Shelving Floor Plan

One of the first tasks any shop owner faces when fitting out a store is the basic floor plan for retail shelving. You'll have plenty of decisions to make, from the type of shop shelving you need to where to place your counter. Here are the basic steps you'll need to take to make a retail shelving floor plan, but remember that the team at Shelving4Shops are always happy to provide advice to help you to put together the perfect store plan - just pop into our Leicestershire shelving showroom to speak to one of our retail experts!

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Creating a retail shelving floor plan:

1) Measure out your floor space accurately and draw an outline (squared paper or graph paper can be helpful to draw to scale);

2) Mark out the position of doors, windows, columns, and electrical sockets;

3) Decided if you'll need a chiller or freezer unit for your store (this is generally best placed along the back wall as it will draw customers right the way through your shop);

4) Think about the position/size of your shop counter - usually the best position is near the front of the store but you will want to ensure that you have good visibility of as much of your shop as possible;

5) Determine how many wall shelving units you'll need (you can find examples of sizes and widths here) and whether you'll need to add corner units, pegboard shelving, or magazine racking according to your merchandise;

6) If your store is big enough to have aisles, consider where to position gondola shelving and how you'd like your customers to move around your store - gondola shelving is a versatile double-sided freestanding type of shop shelving and creates a 'flow' for your shop traffic;

7) End bays or promotional bays provide a neat way to end a gondola run and provide impact for promotional items - if you have space to add these to gondola units then you can really boost impulse sales;

8) Now think about the different type of products you're going to sell and whether you'll need to adjust or add shelving accessories to your wall and gondola shelving, such as shelf risers, shelf dividers, extra shelves, pegboard backing, magazine racking or different depth base shelves;

9) Any unused or awkward spaces? Fill them with dump bins, stacking wire baskets and other wire shelving units - make the most of every inch of your store!

10) Finally, add an electronic till, a shop counter, and promotional material like Epos ticket strips to finish your store with a professional look.

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You can find all these retail shelving items along with experienced and friendly advice on planning your store at Shelving4Shops - visit us online, call on 01455 221512 or email sales@shelving4shops.co.uk for more information.

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