Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Organise Your Shop Shelving for Maximum Sales

Retail shelving are the building blocks of any store - a neat, tidy, well-organised shop with high quality shelving can create success from simply being designed in the right way to maximise the shopper experience and encourage more sales. 
retail shelving shop racking

When planning your store you'll need to take into account the size of your shopping area, the position of your shop counter and any larger units such as chillers and freezers, and whether you will be using gondola shelving to turn floor space into aisles. The type of retail shelving you choose will depend on the products you'll be stocking:
  • Pegboard shelving works well for smaller items that need to be hung from pegs, or for when you have a wide variety of different shaped and sized products, for example in a pet shop;
  • Wall shelving is useful in any shop, making the most of wall space and offering versatile display areas according to your needs, for example with magazine racking, slatwall shelving or tilted shelves;
  • Gondola units are a double-sided freestanding form of shelving that provides a space-saving way to create aisles in your store;
  • Dump bins and wire shelving allow you to fill any extra spaces in your store with temporary and adaptable display units;
  • Refrigerated shelving, chillers and freezers keep fresh and frozen goods ready for sale in attractive display units.
There are other ways to organise and arrange your store to help make it as inviting and enticing as possible. Using different materials gives different effects according to your store's intended atmosphere - glass gives a high quality appeal while wood can appear rustic, clean and crisp plastic looks clean and tidy while metal offers a contemporary look. For a professional appearance, your shelving should stay well stocked and in good condition - not too empty nor overcrowded, and always clean and free from cracks or breakages. By arranging your shelves at equal or similar heights with complementary products kept together, the aesthetic of your display will be attractive and interesting. Signage and displays should be kept up to date and changed regularly to give a sense of novelty for regular shoppers - keeping a particular shelving unit aside for promotional items and special offers allows customers to know exactly where to find a bargain at every visit. And why not be creative with your retail displays? Add in seasonal decorations or create a theme using colour schemes and signage - give your store a personal style and your customers will remember you! 

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