Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Retail Shelving for the Job

Choosing shop shelving for your store will depend on several factors: size, budget, and the products you stock. At Shelving4Shops we're experts in retail and our experienced advisors can help you to find the best design of shelving and the right configuration for your needs. From shop planning all the way to assembly, let Shelving4Shops make setting up shop simple!
Not only does the right kind of shelf serve a practical use but it also offers an attractive display to entice your customers to buy. Whether you choose wall shelving, gondola shelving, pegboard shelving, magazine racking, refrigerated shelving or wire shelving, the magic's in the arrangement.
Shop Shelving
Variety can help to create a multi-dimensional shopping space with a selection of different retail shelving units, neatly stacked and promoted with bright signage. To decide on your shop shelving, think about the products it will need to hold - bottles, packets, paper goods or fresh produce? Most shelving units are adaptable and adjustable to fit different sized products, so make the most of these options when putting your shelving together - nothing looks worse than shelving that is over or under stocked, or filled with products that don't fit well. 
Wall mounted shelving saves space and can add a vertical dimension to your shop, while gondola shelving guides your customers around the store by creating aisles. End bays and promotional bays are perfect for finishing runs of shelving units and showcasing special offers, popular items and promotional products.
end bay shelving
If you need help planning out your store or choosing retail racking and accessories, visit www.shelving4shops.co.uk or come and see our range of shelving at our showroom in Leicestershire. 

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