Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Shop Counters and Countertop Displays

Shop owners spend a lot of time organising the main retail shelving units in their store, such as wall shelving, gondola shelving, refrigerated shelving and magazine shelving, but there's one more area that can provide a beneficial space for additional displays - your shop counter.

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Shop counter displays are great because they offer maximum exposure, being seen by the majority of customers - even those just popping in for a bottle of milk. There are many different ways to utilise your counter space with additional shelving and displays, for example:

  • Line up dump bins and wire stacking baskets to form a queuing area - these storage baskets can be stocked with promotional items, end-of-line stock, awkwardly shaped products or whatever you'd like to encourage your customers to grab as they line up to pay;
  • Arrange riser sets, literature holders and spinners on your shop countertop to display small items that are perfect for suitable for impulse buys;
  • Promo items and discounted products will sell like hot cakes when placed on your counter - perhaps in a display basket with bright signage?
  • Remind customers of special offers verbally and with signs at the counter so they may decide to take another trip around the store before checking out;
  • Consider setting up a loyalty card scheme for regular customers and popular items using a stamp and special discounts for repeat buys.
There are endless ways to set up your shop counter to maximise sales - visit our retail shelving showroom in Leicestershire or get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and let us help you design your perfect store with every type of retail racking and shelving you could possible need!

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