Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Get Your Fresh Fruit and Veg Shelving Here!

Shelving4Shops is pleased to introduce fresh fruit and vegetable racking and accessories.  Our cream and green wire shelving is available for purchase right now and you can come and see it for yourselves in our Midlands showroom.

Vegetable Racking

Vegetable Trays 

Lockable Wheels 

These wire shelving units are fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvring around your store. The lockable wheels  also allow you keep your vegetable rack from moving once positioned.

Our new green vegetable and fruit trays are ideal for fresh produce as they stop soft fruit like bananas and apples being bruised, whilst more hardy fruit and vegetables, like potatoes and onions, can be put directly into the shelving itself.

This sturdy and colourful fruit and vegetable racking can tie in beautifully with the rest of your store shelving.  Why not update your shopping baskets and Epos strips so that all your gondola shelving, wall shelving and magazineracking is fully colour-coordinated. 

At Shelving4Shops we are always updating our stock ranges. Why not come and see us and view our shelving and accessories for yourself? We stock cash registers, wallshelving, gondola shelving, dump bins, shopping baskets, peg board displayunits, shelf risers and dividers, shop counters, and much more.

With so much on offer at Shelving4Shops we can help you to maximise efficiency and space in your retail store, no matter how big or small your shop is. Call us on 01455 221512 or visit our website

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