Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to Make Your Store Inviting

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your store can really help to create repeat customers and impress every person who walks through your door. Simply having a clean, tidy and well-organised store can mean the first impression of your shop is positive rather than negative. Here are a few tips on making your store as inviting as possible:
  • Good quality retail shelving: choosing high-quality shelving for your store is essential if you want to keep your products well displayed and maximise the space you have available. Use wall shelving, gondola shelving, end bays, peg board shelving, corner shelving units, wire shelving and refrigerated shelving to create the perfect configuration for your stock.
  • Create a consistent look: use signs, Epos ticket strips and promotional material to coordinate your shelving and your displays for a neat, consistent look. You can even colour-code different types of products or areas to help your customers find what they're looking for. Continuing this consistency on your posters, exterior signs and flyers really helps to create a cohesive brand for your store.
  • Keep your shelves fully stocked: well-stocked shelves make your store look efficient and neat, and means customers don't need to reach to the back of your shelving unit for what they want. Excess stock can be displayed above or below shelving units or kept out of sight in your storage area. Empty or sparse shelves make your store look run-down and may give the impression that your stock isn't fresh.
  • Maintenance and lighting: Keeping every aspect of your store in good condition and well-lit will help your shop to look clean and tidy and in good working order. This includes everything from the state of your flooring, to the lighting overhead, to the condition of your ticket strips, to the cleanliness and neatness of your shop counter.
  • Use shelving accessories to maximise space: shelving accessories like dump bins, wire shelving, shopping baskets, shelf risers and dividers all help to give your store a finished look and maximise any space that will not accommodate a full sized shelving unit. Dump bins are a great way to display end of line items or promotional goods, and can encourage spontaneous purchases at your tills. 
  • Presentable and polite staff: and finally, your customer service and the way your staff present themselves is essential if you want to perpetuate a good reputation for your store. Dressing neatly and providing excellent customer service at all times will boost your store's atmosphere and ensure your customers are happy to come back again another day.

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