Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Huge New Stock of Second Hand Shop Shelving and Equipment!

Shelving4Shops specialise in the dismantling and removal of shop racking from larger stores. We also buy used shop racking from smaller stores but this is usually on a collection only basis. A store in Hounslow recently had to close its doors and the administrators were left with thousands of pounds worth of stock, shelving and accessories to dispose of. Not knowing what to do with the shop shelving they searched the internet and found the Shelving4Shops team.They soon discovered that not only did we pay for the used shop shelving and racking we would also come and dismantle and collect! It was a big task - a 10,000 square foot store to be dismantled in just one day!

The logistics had to be planned carefully; a fork lift truck strapped to the back of an articulated lorry was required and a crew of six would be needed. When the team entered the shop there was still stock being removed from the shelving. It was going to be a busy day so we started to dismantle where we could.

Trolleys, dump bins, hand baskets and counters
The team making a start while the shop was still being emptied 
Gondola shelving and wall shelving
The team working alongside the administrators to dismantle the store
There were all sorts of shelving and accessories to be removed, not only the shop racking but also the dump bins, counters, hand baskets and trolleys. Used shop shelving, racking and accessories can be a great alternative for start-up businesses or a store having a revamp on a budget so the Shelving4Shops team were determined to get the job done and the lorry loaded.

Dismantling the gondola bays 
Gondola racking with shelves removed 
Around 6pm we finished loading the vehicles with the used shop shelving and a very sleepy and battle-scarred crew made it back to the Shelving4Shops base at around 9pm. The vehicles were unloaded the next day by a very achy Shelving4Shops team and we now have a wide range of used shop shelving and equipment to offer new and existing customers at our Midlands showroom.

We were happy to help the administrators with their work and look forward to working with them again in the future. If you have a store that is closing and you have some shop racking or shop shelving for sale please contact us to see if we can help you.

If you would like to know what type of second hand shop shelving we have in stock please call us on 01455 221512, visit our showroom just off the M69 at Hinckley, or email us at

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