Friday, 28 June 2013

Pop Your Cork! Shop Shelving for Wine Stores

If you own, or are thinking of opening a wine retail store in the future, you'll be in need of some shop shelving! Let us help you plan your store and supply (and even fit) your retail shelving units to create the most efficient set-up for your space.

To cover the basics of any store, wall shelving and gondola shelving provide versatile and long-lasting shelving units that are able to display a wide range of products, including bottles of wine. Because you can adjust the height of each individual shelf, you will be able to accommodate different sized bottles and products to maximise space. Epos ticket strips and shelf risers will help you to promote and label your stock as well as preventing items from being knocked off the shelf by passers-by. 

Wall shelving, as the name suggests, fits against a wall and units can be connected to form a 'run'. These secure shelving units make the most of wall space without intruding too far into your floor area, and are available in several different heights.

Gondola shelving is a free-standing shop shelving unit with shelves fitted to both sides. This type of shelving is a great space-saver and allows you to create aisles in your store, which not only helps traffic to flow through each area of your shop, but also assists in organising products (for example, reds on one side, whites on the other). 

Chillers and refrigerated shelving might also be useful for your wine store to provide storage and display areas for other chilled beverages such as soft drinks and mixers. Shop shelving accessories can also help to fill awkward corners of your store, and allow you to display promotional stock or end-of-line items. A popular choice of shop accessory is the dump bin - a collapsible wire storage basket that can be placed in empty corners, at the end of shelving runs, at the entrance to your store or near the tills for easy browsing while customers queue. And don't forget the counter and the till! At Shelving4Shops we offer the complete range of shelving products and accessories to help you fit out your shop according to your specific needs. We'll even help you to plan your layout, deliver your shelving and assemble it in-store.

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