Thursday, 29 September 2016

Arranging Newspapers

Your newspaper display stand is an essential bit of equipment to preserve the life of your papers while offering your customers a clear view of what you sell, so they can find exactly what they’re after. One thing to remember is to stack the newspaper with the name at the top, to save your papers from being leafed through by customers searching for their daily read. This helps keep your papers from becoming dog-eared and dishevelled, as customers won’t buy these - everyone will want a newspaper that’s in perfect condition.

Shelving4Shops are proud to offer a selection of top quality display units, perfect for safely storing your newspapers. Our sturdy and durable units have a clear plastic riser at the front to prevent the papers from slipping off the unit and onto the floor. The angled tiers allow for easier viewing for customers, while the strong fixings ensure your display unit will last for years to come. The shelves are made from heavy duty powder-coated steel, so you can be sure your products will be safe, while the freestanding unit means you won’t have to worry about fixing it to a wall.

All our shelving can be made into a bespoke arrangement using other shelving units, providing a versatile option to your store layout plan.

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