Monday, 26 September 2016

Making The Most Of Summer Sales

There’s no denying it- every customer loves a sale, knowing they’re saving money with their shopping, grabbing bargains and making the most of the low prices you offer.

Summer is a great time to offer a sale, while everyone’s mood is just a little bit better as the sun is shining and the weather is (hopefully!) behaving! People are more inclined to shop and to take their time while browsing your products, so make sure you take full advantage of this, luring people out of their back gardens and into your store.  

So how can you make sure you make the most of this? Here are a few tips for luring in those customers and increasing your sales!

  • Signage, signage, signage! Place brightly coloured signs to advertise your sale and grab the customer’s attention. Make sure your window displays shout about your sale in a way that a passer-by can’t fail to notice!

  • Ensure that customers know exactly which area of your shop holds the sale items. No one wants to have to stand and fathom out what’s included in the sale and what isn’t- this is a sure turn-off to purchasing!

  • Identifying your sale area is a great chance for your to revamp your store’s layout, to give customers something new and fresh visually when they enter your store.

  • Sales can get messy, so ensure your items are laid out on shelving that has plenty of room for everything to be picked up and put down again

  • Get creative - don’t be afraid to combine different types of shelving. Put a variety of  combinations together to create the most effective sale area and display your products in the best way.

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