Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Perfect Planning!

Your floor plan is the foundation of your store, so it’s crucial that you spend time working out what will be best for you and, ultimately, will produce the most sales and gain you the most profit.

You have several options to work with when it comes to floor plans, and Shelving4Shops are always happy to offer help and advice when you’re making those critical decisions. The most common and most efficient layout for smaller businesses is the straight floor plan. Here you have all the fixtures and displays at right angles, making the most of your floor space. Even corners can be successfully used to display your products- and Shelving4Shops has a great range of corner display units!

Straight floor plans accommodate all the major types of display unit, including gondola, wire and slatwall, so you’re options are still wide open when it comes to choosing the right unit for your products. Shelving4Shops have a range of different units which can be customised to work for your business. By carefully planning out your store, you can still work in any feel or theme you want to!

An “angle” floor plan is a bit misleading, as it is more of a “curved” floor plan, using curves to create a more sophisticated and visually diverse feel. This plan ends up with less display room, therefore it’s more commonly used by stores that have less products to sell or require less space, such as a jewellers, for example. Their products do get more emphasis, so this is more for high end retailers.

The mixed floor plan gives you the versatility to use a number of different set-ups, including angular, straight and diagonal. This is ideal for stores that have a variety of different products that need to be displayed with different vibes in different areas. You can highlight different products and create clear sections to your store, as this plan gives you plenty of flexibility.

However you choose to plan your store, Shelving4Shops gives you the ultimate choice in display units and we’re always here to help!

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