Thursday, 8 September 2016

Magazine Magic!

Magazines have a tendency to end up looking scruffy after they’ve been out for a while, so it pays to look after them and invest in specific magazine shelving to keep them secure and neat.

Magazine Shelving

To prevent them getting damaged, Shelving4Shops sell specific shelving, designed to keep your magazines, stationery and even greeting cards neat and tidy. These units come with eight angled, tiered shelves, with a 470mm wide base, perfect for stacking newspapers. Additional shelves can be purchased and added if needed.
As with all their units, Shelving4Shops offer fully adaptable and adjustable magazine shelves, giving you the flexibility to create versatile and changeable displays. You’ll find the units strong and sturdy, giving you the peace of mind that when you buy, your products will be safely supported with high quality shelving that will last. These wall shelving units come in three different heights: 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m

These versatile units can be easily connected to other shelving units, so you can create unique runs or aisles that work for you. You can work these units into your displays to ensure your store flows and customers don’t bunch up where people stop to browse the magazines or cards, which can cause your store to look over-crowded or badly planned.

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