Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Shop Racking

To truly show off what you have to offer to customers, it’s worth putting some time and thought into how you display your wares and the equipment you’ll use to hold your products. Take into account the type of store you have and what sort of items you’ll stock to make the right choices for your business.

Depending on your products, you’ll need to look at different types of shelving, from magazine racking to gondola shelving. It’s also worth considering extras like dump bins where you can create sale promotions or sell off excess stock.

If you’ll be frequently revamping the layout of your store, make sure you think about interchangeable and non-permanent fixtures that don’t require huge amounts of effort and work to move. Shelving4Shops offers freestanding units that don’t require bolts or fixing to the wall, with a huge variety in the types of shelves that we offer.

Why not make a visit to our showroom where you can find examples of all our shelving, fully constructed so you can get a feel for how your store can be laid out to make sure your customers get the full shopping experience at your shop. We also sell top quality second hand shelving, so we can help if you need to kit your shop out on a budget. 

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