Thursday, 15 September 2016

Shopping Psychology

When you want to pop into a shop and get a pint of milk, do you end up walking out with a basket full of other things you didn’t intend to buy? Supermarkets are brilliant at making us impulse buy, so how do they do it?

There are many different tricks to getting people to buy more than they intend to. Major brands and important, popular items are placed in the centre of aisles, increasing the length of time the shopper is in the shop and making sure they are exposed to as many items are possible.

Displays are everywhere! Not only do supermarkets have long, endless aisles, but even at the ends there are eye catching displays with even more products as are the till areas - so the customer is never not looking at products!

If the shop sells fresh bread, one of the oldest tricks in the book is pumping that freshly-baked smell into the store. It’s often poured out through the ventilation system throughout the entire day to give the illusion that the bread is being baked constantly, giving you the freshest product!

The endless psychology of shopping entices customers to buy more than they ever intended, in clever ways that customers simply don’t notice! 

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