Saturday, 14 September 2013

Make the Most of a Small Store with Shop Shelving

One of the main challenges of fitting out any retail store is making the most out of the space you have available. Finding an efficient shelving layout is all about the type of shelving you choose and ensuring that your shelving provides you with everything you need to stock your range of products in a customer-friendly way.

corner shelving
Corner Shelving Unit

The right shelving will allow you to easily stock a variety of different products and offer customers an easy route through your store. A cluttered store looks uninviting and can be a pain to maintain. An understocked store looks a bit sad and unprofessional. A well-stocked, efficient store with a user-friendly layout will provide you with maximum sales and happy customers!

When you have limited space in your store, it's essential to choose the right shelving to maximise your display space without making the area feel cramped. Here are a few ways of achieving this:

Gondola Shelving:  Gondola units are perfect for making the most of a small or medium-sized show as they are double-sided so offer maximise shelf space. Placed lengthways they can also create aisles which lead customers through your store and allow for more foot traffic to pass through. Choose from different widths and heights to suit your shopping area perfectly.

Wall Shelving:  Wall shelving is a versatile option for any store, allowing you to adapt the backing (slat shelving, pegboard or standard shelving), shelf height and angle for a range of products. Join units together to make a run against a wall and finish with corner units or wire shelving to make sure there are no unused areas. Make use of base shelves on wall shelving and gondola shelving to stock bulky or oversized items.

wall shelving
Magazine Wall Shelving

Peg Board Shelving: A great option for small stores, peg board backing allows for a slimline shelving unit that can hold a variety of goods on hooks or shelves. Multiple holes across the shelving unit allow you to reconfigure your shelving however you want, easily and quickly, to suit different products and lines.

peg board shelving
Peg Board Shelving
Corner Units and End Bays: Making the best use of space can be achieved by capping the end of shelving runs and using every nook and cranny in your store! End bays neatly finish off a gondola run while corner shelving units allow you to display items in an otherwise dead space.

Refrigerated Shelving: If you're stocking fresh, chilled or frozen produce you'll obviously need refrigerated shelving, and these units can be an excellent investment for any store, coming in a range of sizes to suit your space. Place your refrigerated unit at the very back of your store to encourage customers to come right in and pass by other products to encourage spontaneous purchases.

Shop Shelving Accessories: Smaller shelving accessories like stacking wire baskets, dump bins, shelf risers and dividers, and shopping baskets can all help to make your store run efficiently and make the most of your store display area. Dump bins and wire baskets are collapsible so can easily be moved whenever you need to.

Shelving4Shops can help you to find the right retail shelving options for your store as well as assisting in the planning and layout of your shelving. Get in touch with us to find out more about our range of new and used shop shelving and racking.

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