Friday, 13 September 2013

Shop Shelving for Pet Stores

If you run a pet store, make the very best of your store space with the right shop shelving and accessories, maximising the amount of stock you can display and optimise your customer experience. Is it time for you to update your retail shelving?

One of the challenges pet stores face in terms of shelving and display is that stock can often be pretty heavy! If you haven't got durable shelving that can cope with the weight of cat litter or bags of dried food, you'll be forking out for new shelving units before you should be. And if your shelving configuration isn't flexible enough for you to display a wide range of pet accessories and products then you'll be losing revenue by trying to cram products into insufficient or inappropriate shelving areas.

Choosing the right shelving for your pet shop is essential to bring the best return on your products and help your business to thrive in the current financial climate.

peg board gondola shelving for pet stores

Here are a few suggestions for improving your pet store layout using efficient and reliable shelving units:
  • Wall Shelving - Use the vertical wall space in your store to provide versatile shelving options to suit a variety of products. Change the height and angle of your shelves according to your needs and add shelf risers and dividers to keep displays neat.
  • Gondola Shelving - Gondola shelving creates aisles in your store and directs foot traffic through the shop, maximising customer exposure to products and providing you with double-sided shelving units to display a greater amount of stock.
  • Peg Board Shelving - This shelving is great for pet stores as it allows you to hang and display a wide range of products from hooks or on shelves. A great space-saver in small areas and a hugely versatile style of shop shelving. 
  • End Bays - These units help to cap a shelving run neatly and provide an extra set of shelving that can be used for end-of-line stock, specialist items, promotional products or seasonal displays.
  • Wire Shelving and Dump Bins - Fill every corner of your pet shop with flexible and temporary shelving like stacking wire baskets and dump bins. Great for awkwardly-shaped products that don't sit well on a shelf, or for encouraging spontaneous purchases at the tills.
pet shop shelving

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