Sunday, 15 September 2013

Corner Shelving for Shops and Stores

Corner shelving is a great way of maximising your retail space. Corner bays can stand alone but are usually attached to your wall shelving and are a great way to use every amount of space available. You can also match corner shelving to the depth of your wall mounted shelves for a seamless look to your store.

corner shelving
Corner unit set up for display in our Showroom
Utilising your corners in this way can add a real professional finish to your shop shelving and can make a real impact on your customers’ ability to browse around your store. If there are breaks or an untidy finish in your shop shelving arrangement, customers are far more likely to cut their visit short or just pick up what they need.

In addition to corner shelving units and wall bays, you'll need other types of shelving to make your retail space as efficient and cost-effective as possible, such as gondola bays, dump bins, a shop counter and shelving accessories. Shelving4shops can offer a great solution for every store - come and visit our showroom to see what our great team has to offer.

Stand alone corner unit
Taking the time to decide exactly what you need is key to saving possibly hundreds of pounds on your shop shelving, this means having a detailed plan of your store layout. For instance: where should you position your fridges and freezers? What size shelving do you need? How much aisle space does there need to be? All of these questions can be answered by the Shelving4shops team and we're happy to spend some time with you to help you find the right shop shelving package. We work closely with our colleagues at Fridge Freezers Direct to offer a shop shelving, accessories and refrigerated shelving to complete your store perfectly.
Gondola shop shelving unit
Shelving4Shops is based just off the M69 at Hinckley, so why not pop in and see us? Alternatively, visit our website at or call us on 01455 221512.

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