Friday, 27 September 2013

Shop Shelving Showcase Displays

Create a little variety in your shop shelving by switching up your showcase displays regularly to highlight promotions, popular products and end-of-line items. By stacking and organising your products in an attractive way on your shop shelving, customers will be drawn into your store and encouraged to browse through each aisle and shelf. Gondola shelving is ideal for this, as it creates aisles within your store space and provides double-sided shelving to promote a wide range of items. Wall mounted shelving is easily accessible, while pegboard shelving allows you to stock many different sized products, and hang items that are difficult to stack on a shelf.

wall mounted shop shelving

Sometimes the right kind of shelving can boost an average product to a desirable one - it's all about positioning, arrangement, signage and promotion. Think about the overall aesthetic of your store:

  • Is your store clean and tidy?
  • Is your store bright and well-maintained?
  • Is your store colourful or coordinated?
  • Do products and promotions have clear signage?
  • Is it easy for customers to browse your shelving?
  • Are similar items grouped together?
  • Does your store smell fresh, clean and inviting? (Fresh produce like baked goods, coffee and tea, fruit and vegetables can all bring a tasty element to the scent of your store.)

Brighten up your shop shelving with clear signs, Epos ticket strips and promotional material to entice customers around the store. When you have a promotional product in stock, place it in clear view on an end bay or in a prominent position and draw attention to it!

shop shelving accessories

Your retail displays have a huge effect on your sales, so it's worth choosing high quality, durable shop shelving that can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of products. All our shelves at Shelving4Shops are height adjustable so you can vary your shelving configuration whenever you need to. Add-ons like end bays, corner shelving units, shelving accessories, dividers and risers, ticket strips, dump bins and wire stacking baskets all provide additional shelving space and allow you to highlight specific products for showcase displays.

For help choosing the right shelving for your store, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops or visit our Leicestershire showroom to browse our complete range of shopfittings and shelving accessories.

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