Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Using End Caps and End Bays with Gondola Shelving

Gondola end bays and end caps are the perfect way to finish a shelving run and provide a neat and effective space for promotional displays.

end bay shop shelving

Making the most of all the available shop space is vital for a successful store and end bays provide a useful way of filling dead space without sacrificing floor space. There's no need to rearrange your shelving to accommodate an extra shelving unit, simply add an end bay onto the end of an existing run of wall or gondola shelving for an immediate fresh facelift for your store!

Most convenience and retail stores use gondola shelving to create aisles and divide the shop floor into sections. End bays fit at the end of these runs at the same height for a seamless finish and add an entire extra unit of adjustable shelves.

gondola shelving

End bays are ideal for promotional displays, seasonal items, end-of-line stock, and for creating an impact when customers enter the store. End bay and end cap units can be used with shelving, slatwall panels and pegboard backing and also offer an extra base shelf for bulky or large items.

There really are no downsides to adding end bays to your shop shelving, so if you haven't already, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops to find out about the range of end bays we have in stock. If we don't have the right height in store, we can source used shop shelving to match with your existing units. Call us on 01455 221512 or visit us online at

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