Friday, 22 November 2013

Save Money with Retail Shelving and Technology

For convenience retailers, it's really worth investing in high quality equipment, shopfittings and shop shelving to make the most from your business. And if you need an extra way to cut costs for your retail business? Technology and energy-efficient appliances can help to reduce the price of utility bills and help your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Firstly, choosing reliable and durable shelving units is always the best option for any retail store. Wall shelving provides stable displays for your core products and maximises the space in your store. Gondola shelving allows you to create aisles within your store space and provides you with double-sided shelving to stock a wider variety of products. Adjustable shelves mean that you can adapt your shelving configuration according to your needs, and with long-lasting units, you will be able to use the same shelving for years, simply changing your layout and adding extra accessories as required.

refrigerated shelving

Energy-saving equipment like LED lighting or high-rated refrigerated shelving can also help you to save a bit of cash on your day-to-day bills. At Shelving4Shops we source refrigeration units from Fridge Freezer Direct, the UK's premier commercial refrigeration specialists, offering you excellent quality items at competitive prices. Saving money on your energy bills with efficient equipment like this means that you will soon start to see the benefits, especially since refrigerated shelving brings in extra custom to your store, allowing you to stock fresh, chilled and frozen goods.

Using a top performing electronic cash register can also make life simpler for you in store, helping you to work more efficiently, keep on top of accounts and transactions and provide your customers with great service.

electronic cash register

For shop shelving, accessories, shopfittings, shop counters and cash registers, visit the Shelving4Shops Leicestershire showroom, browse online, or call us on 01455 221512 to talk about your retail shelving requirements.

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