Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gondola Shelving for Warehouses

Gondola shelving isn't just for the front of your store - this versatile type of shop shelving works brilliantly behind the scenes for storerooms and warehouses, too! Gondola shelving units are durable and hard wearing - ideal for long term use for storing stock, whether it's on display or out the back of your store.

gondola shelving

Shop racking and wire shelving are often used in storerooms and warehouses but wall shelving and gondola shelving work just as well - if not better - at providing heavy duty storage for products. Using gondola shelving brings many benefits to warehouse storage, for example:

  • Connect several units together to form a run or line of shelving
  • Reliable and versatile shelving with adjustable height shelves
  • Tiltable shelves for easy access
  • Insert Epos ticket strips so it's easy to find stock
  • Add end bays for additional storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Use the large base shelf to store heavy and oversized goods
  • Easy to stock and remove products
  • Available in different heights and depths to suit your storage space
  • Sort products with shelf risers and dividers
  • Can be re-used in the front of your store as required
used gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is perfect for a number of different shop shelving requirements, whether it's at the front of your store of behind the scenes in your warehouse. This reliable shelving comes in heights of 1.2m to 2.1m and depths of 300mm to 570mm and can be joined with other shelving units to accommodate any size shop or storeroom. At Shelving4Shops we also stock wall shelving, pegboard shelving, dump bins, magazine racking, and a variety of shelving accessories so you can fit out your store as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. If you're in need of used gondola shelving, please get in touch with us at www.shelving4shops.co.uk or call 01455 221512.

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