Thursday, 14 November 2013

We Buy (and Sell) Used Shop Shelving!

Did you know that Shelving4Shops will come and dismantle and purchase your used retail shelving? If you have used shop shelving, supermarket shelving or convenience store shelving that you're looking to update, let us know and we'll come and take a look to see if we're able to take it off your hands! The Shelving4Shops team are experts in retail shelving and we understand the need for retailers to keep shelving costs down. If you're refitting your store or updating old shelving, don't just throw your old units away - you might be able to make a bit of cash by selling it on to us before you choose your new shelving. We'll even help you plan your new store layout...

used retail shelving

Our shelving specialists are able to remove shop shelving from stores of all sizes - whether you have a little local corner shop or a 30,000 square foot supermarket! Just get in touch and tell us about your situation and we'll give you a quote for disassembly and removal. We work with tight budgets and short schedules so no job is too big or small or quick or complicated! 

On the other hand, if you're looking to buy used shop shelving you can really save yourself some money and make refitting or updating your store a simple operation. The main thing to consider when buying used shelving is how best you can organise your shelving configuration in your store space. The width and depth of your shelving can dictate how easy it is for customers to move around your store, while the height will affect the visibility around your store for your visitors and your staff. A decent store plan will help you to work out where best to place your counter, refrigerated units, gondola shelving and wall shelving, and we'll be happy to help you put a layout together. 

used shop shelving

Visit our Leicestershire shelving showroom or call us on 01455 221512 to see what used shelving we have in stock and to talk about how we can help you find the best units for your store, or to discuss arrangements for us to come and pick up your used shelving for sale.

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